About Us

Welcome to Connective Healthcare! We are a boutique, family owned clinic which is focussed on providing afforable and accessible healthcare for all members of the community. We have hand picked a team of allied health professionals who are not only fully qualified and experienced in their fields, but also friendly, approachable and understanding. We are committed to working with you to developing the best treatment program to get you back to your optimal health as quickly as possible, and we aim to provide strategies for you to maintain this optimal level of health.

We currently offer physiotherapy, Pilates, podiatry, dietetics and remedial massage services. Our practitioners and therapists implement proven and evidence based strategies using the latest equipment. We understand that every case is different and we take the time to get to know you.

Connective Healthcare is owned and run by husband and wife Stephen and Lauren. Both Stephen and Lauren are passionate about providing quality health care in a warm and welcoming environment. Stephen is the principal Podiatrist at Connective Healthcare and Lauren is a secondary school teacher who works behind the scenes to make sure the clinic runs smoothly. The two year old you see climbing all over the Pilates equipment is their son Jack and the doggo who sits at the front door is their furbaby Poppy. Together, we look forward to workiing you and helping you to achieve your health goals. 

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