Podiatrist in Bentleigh

Looking for a Podiatrist in Bentleigh? Our podiatrists are qualified health professionals who deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the foot and lower limb.

Patients are provided foot care in line with their overall health goals and in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our Podiatrists have been providing high quality foot care to the community of Bentleigh East, McKinnon, Carnegie, Clayton and Moorabbin for over 5 years. Make an appointment to see one of our foot experts and see how easy pain relief can be.

A short guide to some of the most common medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limb we provide at Connective Healthcare.

Types of Podiatry Treatments

Diabetic Foot Care

Those who suffer from Diabetes are at high risk of developing serious secondary complications with their feet. Complications include foot ulcers, numbness, burning pain and infections.

However you can reduce the risk of developing these complications by regularly visiting a podiatrist. When you come to our podiatrists you’ll have your risk status assessed and be provided with the information required to effectively manage your feet. Education and preventive treatments go a long way to stopping complications and to ensure diabetes doesn’t limit your health and mobility.

Children’s Feet

Sometimes children experience difficulty developing through early childhood to adolescence into adulthood. As a child develops there are unique forces, growth patterns and stresses going through the body. When these forces start to exceed what the body can handle pain and injuries occur.

We understand the child developmental process and how to best manage child foot care, having had personal experience with similar issues growing up. Our treatment programs are designed to not just relieve pain but prevent permanent damage, and prevent re-injury.


Orthotics are custom made foot and ankle supports designed to change abnormal walking patterns or offload a painful structures within the foot.

They provide support while standing, walking, and running, altering the loads and timing at which the foot progresses through the gait (walking/running) cycle. The reduced loads within the foot allow damaged structures to recover relieving pain, swelling and inflammation.

Connective Healthcare uses GaitScan to accurately measure and design a custom made orthotic for your particular injury.

You can learn more about orthotics by having a read of our short guide to orthotics.

Nail Care

Having a medical professional take care of your nails is an essential service to those who suffer from frustrating or painful nail conditions. Our podiatrists have a number of treatment techniques and years of experience to relieve symptoms.

We regularly treat the following nail disorders:

→ Fungal nails
→ Thickened tough nails
→ In Grown toe nails
→ Splitting nails
→ Discoloured nails

Sports Injuries

The levels of stress athletes and dancers put on their feet during competition and training are far greater then average. Understanding these demands is an important part of developing a customised treatment program for you.

We will carefully assess your injury and training workload to provide you with a plan to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible. If we are unable to diagnose and provide treatment options for your injury there will be no charge for you consultation – that’s a promise.

We regularly treat the following sports related injuries:

→ Achilles Tendonopathy and Tendonitis
→ Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs
→ Shin Splints
→ Repetitive Strain Injury
→ Stress Fractures
→ Recurrent Ankle Sprains
→ Osteitis Pubis
→ Patella Femoral Syndrome

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